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A New Thinking Called Maximus.

"My association with Maximus Talent Resource Management started because of my close relationship with its founder Chandru(Chandrashekar.K) who is also from the advertising world. Hence working with his firm has been easy. Maximus is more a partner than being a HR firm. Unlike others the team is very proactive, methodical in their approach. Since the foundations are based on experience gathered from the ad world, the team has the eye to spot the right talent for the job. They are a hardworking bunch of people, very resourceful and very well networked and will never give up till they find the right candidate. One of greatest qualities is in their leader Chandru who has the patience to wait and fight it out which is a very rare quality in some of his peers.

More over they put behind financial gains to ensure clients get the best of talent and in quick time. The best advantage of working with them is they do their homework of doing a reference check before recommending any candidate for that particular role. I have successfully used Maximus Talent Resource Management’s services to find talent of creative and servicing people, I would surely recommend them as one of the finest Recruitment Consultant firm in the country "

Arindam Sengupta
Vice President, TBWA India, Chennai